About Us

Throughout the year, the United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls
is at work in our community:

  • Meeting with local service providers to review our community’s needs
  • Recruiting and training volunteers
  • Monitoring each of our funded agencies to ensure that they are well-managed and effective
  • Exploring opportunities to address new or emerging needs
  • Planning and conducting an efficient and cost-effective community-wide fundraising campaign to support our local health and human service agencies


Each fall, local health and human service agencies submit to United Way of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls program information along with detailed financial reports and budgets. Our volunteer Budgets and Admissions Committee members review all program and financial information and meet with representatives from the agencies. Whenever possible, on-site visits to the agencies are made.

The volunteers then assess community needs and program services to determine how your money can best be used. They present their funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. The money is then distributed to local agencies that provide the services to local people who need help.

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