Mission Statement

To provide the organized capability for involving people of our region to care for one another through a voluntary system of human services. To promote efficiency and effectiveness of operations and assist local human services in improving service delivery. In pursuit of these purposes, United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls will:

  • Become a catalyst for community problem-solving by identifying local human care needs and developing solutions within the context of total community organizational resources.

  • Promote and encourage volunteer development and volunteerism.

  • Develop financial resources to support human care services, primarily through a single community-wide campaign managed by the United Way.
  • Operate a community fund distribution system that is accountable and responsive to donors and flexible in response to human needs.

  • Become inclusive in governance, operations and fund distribution, of all the diverse populations of the community.

  • Operate a year-round marketing and communications program that educates the community, especially people in the workplace.

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