Typical 211 Calls

  • The mother of a 12-year-old seeks counseling for her son who is not going to school regularly.
  • A single mother is worried about the gas shutoff notice she just received.
  • A landlord has been threatened by a tenant who has damaged his apartment, moved out, and now wants security deposit back.
  • A caller is depressed, considering suicide and wants help.
  • A young woman with a disability inquires about available transportation.
  • The caller needs information about eligibility for Food Stamps.
  • A guidance counselor is searching for a parenting education course for a teen father.
  • A recent widower is looking for a social group to join.
  • A caller with gambling problems seeks services for help.
  • A traveler wants to know how to get a passport.
  • A teenager has problems at home, a father who drinks, and needs someone to talk to.
  • An older man has been caring for his wife, who has advancing Alzheimer’s symptoms. He is now exhausted and needs assistance and respite.
  • A recently divorced employee is frequently missing work; he needs affordable, reliable child care.

As listed on the www.211ct.org Website

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