The Salem Society of United Way of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls recognizes those individuals who make especially generous gifts. The Society was founded in 1990 by Ron Lengyel and Jeff Witherwax, two prominent members of our community. It was named after Naugatuck’s original name “Salem Society” from 1773. Philanthropy was at its best then and still is now for our community of Naugatuck. In 1774 a town committee including John Hopkins and Samuel Lewis of Salem Society, undertook to collect contributions for the relief of the poor in Boston. Boston had been cut off by the port bill from food supplies that would ordinarily land in Boston. Salem Society responded to the appeal generously. They believed that human caring is the key to a healthy society.

Society members have a strong desire to perpetuate the proud tradition of sharing that has been a part of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls since the beginning. Through their actions, members continue to demonstrate a personal investment in our complex changing community. They understand the art of giving and show their spirit of caring and responsibility. The example set by these extraordinary people, in the spirit of the original “Salem Society” will have a major impact on the future of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls.



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